Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shots round two and 1 year ago yesterday...

Ryan did very good on his second round of shots today.
He was very brave. Didn't even cry until the second needle went in. He did jump a little at the first one and he gave me this sort of WTF(whatthefuck)look.
However after the second one was done and band aids were on I picked him up and he stopped crying and a minute or two later smiled at me.
Poor legs.
He is having a second nap now.
No fever yet.
37.6 c which is good.

Something that shocked me is my doctor told me to not make the cereal runny and its okay to give him real food (mashed veggys and fruit for now). I was shocked. He said make sure to give Ryan one thing at a time and wait a few days before introducing another food to double check he doesn't have allergies.

I am a tiny bit sad we can give him food. I love the easy to clean poops and how easy it is to breast feed. Nothing to clean up after unless Ry spits up a little. Its nice. Now with real food I will have to clean up bowl and spoons (easy enough) the high chair, the floor, him, me, the cats... heh anything and everything the food gets on. We will have to start with a schedule as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will have to keep track of what I feed him (encase he gets sick) at first. Also remember what he likes and doesn't like so I can try to get him to like stuff later on (it can take up to 14 times on a new food before a kid will eat it). I also want to make my own food so I need to start batch cooking that and freezing it.

It's exciting because its something new for us both but I am just a little sad.
I need to get Neil to feed him at night. Which means I will have to start making dinner for us as well to free up the early evening for Neil to feed Ryan. Right now Neil makes most of the dinners. But he cant feed Ry and cook dinner.

On to sad things. 
Yesterday was the one year mark of Abigale's due date. One year ago she was due. April was harder because that was the one year of her loss. It still make me think about her. I think about her a lot but every month less and less. When we first had Ryan he brought back a lot of memories and feelings about her.
Sometimes I even dream about her. This time was made a little easier by the celebration of Sloane. Watching her grow and get stronger makes it a happy month for me. Not one of sadness. I am hoping Ryan's birthday being in April, so close to the date of our loss, will do the same.
Still everything we went through with her makes me love and appreciate Ryan even more. I really think unless you have lost a child or came close to losing one you can not understand this. No offence to anyone but its a unwanted club no one talks about or wants to join.

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