Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bad days and good

Saturday was so bad. It started off great but after Ryan had lunch (some cereal and carrots) it got so so bad.
 He loves to sleep on his side

He went down for a nap so I used this time to shower. I turn off the shower to hear Ryan screaming his head off and Neil trying his very best to calm him down. Neil told me he has been screaming for about 10 min. I ask what happened. Nothing, he just woke up and started to cry.
So we try everything to calm him, try breast feeding, bouncing, walking, I held him, tried a shower, held him under the fan, tv, music... nothing helped. Rita came downstairs because she was worried and it distracted him a little bit.
Got him calm enough to feed him and get him back to sleep for about an hour.
We think it was gas. He farted a little and felt better after his nap.

I think I gave him too much food too fast. We are going to try again but this time just one or two baby spoons, not as much as we gave before. I gave him too much because he was so happy to eat it. He didnt turn away and once he did I would stop. I have to control it and make sure to start off slow.

Sometimes we forgot how little and how young he is because he acts like a big boy. He can sit up, he is so aware of everything. But he is still a baby. Only 4 1/2 months old. You can really tell he is a baby when he cries.
Poor guy got hives he cried so hard.

I was happy he was happy at Sloane's party though. Didn't cry or fuss at all. Which I was really worried about but the kid LOVES going out and being around people. AND he slept great that night. Almost 7 hours after his night feeding. My boobs hurt so bad when I got up because I am used to him eating every 2-4 hours at night. I woke him up to eat after 2 hours of sleeping in the morning. I hate pumping.

Sunday was a chill day and we went out for a bit and had a nice dinner with Rita and Tim. We put Ryan in his feeding chair so he could sit with us. But his arm kept getting stuck in his side so he kept getting fustrated. 

Neil is showing him pictures from Sloanes party and Ryan is very interested.

 Gotta love $2 hats from Joe Fresh (on sale)

 Nomming on his fish teether on our walk today (fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads...)

Saturday we are supposed to go on Robins boat to see the fire works but the life vest Christina let us borrow is a little tight on Ryan. I think the plan is to boat out to center island and hang out there. So far the weather looks shitty. 37c and thunderstorms. We shall wait and see how it turns out. Mike invited us to his house for a party so if the weather is shit we might hit that up.

I would like to go on the boat at least once this year and I would love to see how Ryan handles it. I have read that babies love boats (its a sale boat not a speed boat!) 

Also we are going to a new place with Rob and Chris on Sunday... O.Noir 
You dine in complete darkness. It sounds pretty fun.

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