Thursday, 25 August 2011

Shot reactions, walks and making baby food

Ryan did really good yesterday with his reaction to the shots. However around 830-9pm he started to get pretty fussy. And we gave him that oral stuff the doctor gave us, Rotarix. He did NOT like that.
I figure it was the straw that broke the camels back.
He had all the stuff he was shot with in the morning, Advil, cereal, breast milk and this Rotarix in his body last night. Normally he just has breast milk & cereal. Just a lot of stuff for his poor little body to deal with.

Neil was worried about him and getting a fever in the night so Ryan slept in bed with us last night. I have to say it was nice to not have to get up to feed him. Just sit up and pop him on the boob. However it is NOT something we are going to keep doing. I think Neil didn't sleep so great last night.
Normally we go for a nice long walk in the morning however I forgot the stroller in the car, which Neil has AND my keys. DOH! So we used the Bjorn. Neil made fun of me for using an umbrella but the UV is high today darn it and Ryan doesn't like the sun in his eyes. heh

Also today I made peach baby food. Its super easy to do.
Get a few peaches.
You cut them in quarters and remove the pit.
Put them face down (meat down) in a pot of water. You dont need much water.

Cook on Medium / Low for about 15 min.

Once cooled down pull the skin off the peaches and put in a container to blend along with the water from the pot (you can add more water or BM if you need). If its not thick enough add a little rice cereal.

Once the fruit is nice and smooth put in a BPA free ice cube tray. We have an awesome hand blender. I find it's easy to use and to clean.

(you can see our mixer here)

Cover the tray with clear wrap and freeze. Once frozen pop out, put in a freezer bag and label. Its good for 8 weeks. Just take out and thaw as you need. One Cube is a serving when they are 4-6 months.
Easy! (he has not eaten any yet, I am waiting till he eats cereal a little better)

I am going to make Apple and Pears next. I have jarred sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. I want to make all his food from scratch but I was a little scared and they had a great deal on organic baby food so I got 10 jars I figure the fruit is super easy to make.
My brother in law Robin text me saying he heard if you introduce fruit you might have issues getting the baby to eat veggies. Good to know! So carrots, peas and sweet potato it is!
Peaches, pears and apples will have to wait till next month (Oct)

Neil found this neat article about breast feeding babies eating. Its okay to give them fruit or veggie first, doesn't matter what. Breast milk is really sweet as it is. Sugar is not a new thing to a BF baby. Now that Ryan got gas to the point of breaking out in hives due the carrots (we think) we are holding off on food and giving him Banana's when we start again. Nice and easy on the tummy.

Poor peanut.

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  1. You should get a baby bullet to make baby food! YEEEEE!