Wednesday, 17 August 2011

4 months today

Wow four months have already passed. It's insane how fast it has gone. And it's insane how much Ryan changes every day.
He smiles when I smile, he gets a little upset when I leave the room, he LOVES to smile at Neil, he gives all the family huge smiles too, is enraptured when I read to him, he loves to hear his own voice, he laughs when you get his belly and he enjoys being outside. He also grabs his feet and lifts his butt when you put him on the change table. So helpful till he pees on you and laughs about it. heh

 A few days old, so little.

Four months old, so big!

This past weekend was nice. We were supposed to meet up with some of the family on Toronto Island but I was worried it would be too hot for Ryan. The heat alone is not too bad, it's bad trying to feed him in public. I get hot and he is hot and then he is drinking hot breast milk and I have to use a feeding cover...

However Saturday was way too nice to stay inside so Neil, Ryan and I headed to Bronte Harbour to enjoy 'harbour days'. Well it was a lot smaller of a festival then we thought it would be so we were there less then an hour. Just walked around the water front.

After that we headed home for a quick lunch and then headed to Hugh and Lily's pool. They were out with Rita and Tim so we had the pool all to ourselves. The three of us swam around for a bit and when Ryan had enough we went to T&T to get sushi for dinner and dumpling wrappers to make Sundays appetizers. 

We ended Saturday night with home made chow mien, red wine and Wipeout. 
It was a very relaxed and awesome day.

I was chatting with my mom the other night and I convinced her to come visit us before Ryan's first birthday. I worry her and my dad are missing out on so much. I doubt I will get my dad to visit which is a shame but mom is coming up September 8th - 14th. I am so excited. This visit will be a lot more fun then the last visit. (she came up for the birth of Ryan) I was over due and after Ryan was born I had a hard time for the first few weeks adjusting to the lack of sleep, lack of alone time and he had a tongue tie so it was really hard for him to eat.
However things are SO amazing and awesome now I am thrilled for her to come up and experience it. I just hope the heavy little bugger doesn't throw out her back!

I posted a video for my dad to see just how LOUD Ryan can get.
Figure I should share it with you guys and hopefully cause a good laugh.

Also last week was nice chilling outside with Tara, Sloane, Janet and Chloe. The weather was perfect and I can not wait for more cool sunny days. The hot ones are getting tiresome. Just a nice 25c and FEELS like 25 would be great. (about 76f)
Here is a video of Ryan and Chloe going after each others hands. Sorry it is laying the wrong way. Not sure how to fix that.

Here is a bonus video of Ryan in his exerciser thing. I told my dad I would put a video up for him so here it is.

Also my dad inspired me to get out and go for a long walk every morning with Ryan. However because I have so much weight to lose I am also walking at night with Neil and Ryan. Shorter walks at night though.
Tonight we are picking up a jogging stroller (used) for 65 bucks which is a great deal because those things go for $200. And really why get it new? It's not a car seat or mattress.
Its good because I can roller blade with it or Neil can jog while I bike and we can have Ryan with us. He loves being outside so much there is no point to leave him at home!

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