Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rice Cereal Mush

Last night we gave Ryan his first Rice Cereal mush. 

We don't have a high chair yet so we put him in the Bumbo chair with tray. (thank you again Wendy!!) Which, by the way, is getting to small for his fat legs!
I mixed one spoon of rice cereal with 6 spoons of breast milk. Nice and runny. I had a little blue cup and a soft spoon and we were ready to go.

As always click on the picture to enlarge.

Hmmm what is this?



We were both getting the hang of it... I think.

Its hard to record with my phone while feeding with one hand he was distracted by his dad.

However by the end I think we are getting the hang of it.
In this video you can see he is interested in it but not sure how to eat it. I think it just takes some time.

However we really need to get the high chair. I am keeping my eye on Kijiji because why pay full price if I can get a used one?

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