Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Videos of Ryan and Worried Mom

Ryan has been spitting up a lot as of Sunday. Monday was the worst. He didn't want to eat that often and was spitting up A LOT after every eating (sometimes as much as 1/2 a cup) 
I tried laying him down right after a meal, burping him, having him sit up, having him sort of slouch, taking off his pants, making the diaper loose... everything. However he just kept tossing his cookies. He was in a great mood though and still peeing. The poops were not as much as normal but I don't think anything to be worried about and he had no fever.
Neil thinks he just had a slight tummy bug. He is a little better today. He only spit up once.
Sometimes it would be just breast milk, or clear liquid and milk (spit) and sometimes the milk would be a little digested so it would be a little cottage cheesy. It didn't bother him so I think he is okay.
We gave him Gripe water last night because he was SUPER fussy and I think his tummy/teeth were bugging him really bad at night.

Ill make sure to make notes and mention it to the doc on the 24th. (second round of shots).

Also I dont want to jinx it but the past two night he has been sleeping great. 
5 1/2 hours the first stretch, 2 hours and then 2 hours. Yesterday we woke up at 10am. Today I was up at 8am and he woke up a little after 9. He is sleeping now.
I love these 40 min naps. It helps that today is very rainy and dark. I am sure he will nap more today. I think his late afternoon nap I will join in. :D

I love maternity leave. So far today we had breakfast (both of us) he had a big poop, we did tummy time when he rolled over, I read him two books and he had a mid morning snack (breast) and now is resting.

Mean time, enjoy some videos of Ryan.

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