Saturday, 27 August 2011

WTF Mom! (Ryan eats carrots)

Ryan had carrots last night.

His first real food.

When I put the spoon in, I think he was expecting cereal and did this sort of BLECH face when the carrots went in instead. However he warmed up to it pretty fast and did a good job eating. I tasted it, they were so sweet I double checked the ingredients that there was no sugar added.

As always click to enlarge photos

 (wide angle)

He blew a few raspberry's which figures. He had never done that before when I was feeding him cereal so it figures he would do it with orange food. heh 
Good thing is I wear shitty clothing around the house. (as seen above)

We also got some pretty awesome photos last night. Neil rented a few lens for this weekend (Sloane's 1 year party).
He got a wide angle and a telephoto lens.
Sadly enough one of the very few photos of the three of us together.

Wide angles are FUN

 Neil and I new favorite picture of Ryan

We also met up with Joe, Ang and her brother for dinner at the Spoon and Fork thai place in Clarkston. It was pretty good and not expensive, even though it was a nice place. I should take mom there for lunch when she visits.

Also the past two nights Ryan had a rough time. So I did not get much sleep last night. I see a nice long nap in my future today darn it. :D

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