Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy 1 Year Sloane and reflections.

Today Sloane is 1 year old. WOW.
Our good friends had a daughter 1 year ago today. It's amazing how much she has changed.
Taken Aug 22, 2010

How much she has grown and how much she has experienced already in this world.
Sloane also has so many more new things to look forward too. The life for a baby is insane so many things going on. No wonder sometimes they get cranky.

(Sloane is the one on the left)
Taken Aug 11th 2011, also why is my four month old almost as big as Sloane?

Now she is walking, full on walking! And as I have she seen getting into everything she can. Can you blame her? All this new stuff she can see now that she is standing and shiny new things to get into. Poor Tara must be getting tired of chasing her! I think its Tara's new work out routine, chase the baby.

Now Sloane can look forward to bike rides, running in a park, swimming in the ocean, chasing butterfly's and falling leafs, apple picking, trick or treating, opening her own Christmas gifts this year, snow ball fights, eating real food and so many more things.

I find having a kid now I am experiencing new things and not just poopy diapers. When you do stuff with a kid its all new to you as well. Seeing the wonder and excitement though them.
Watching Ryan at the EX he was all wide eyed and he didn't even know what was going on. It was just from the lights from the games all around us. And the new smells though he doesn't know what they mean yet. Mmmmm the smell of popcorn or cotton candy. I get so excited when I think of all the things he gets to explore.

Even putting him in his highchair was exciting because it was new.

Kids are a lot of work and sometimes its really hard but seeing Sloane now 1 year old and knowing what is in store for her it's so worth it.

I never fully understood a lot of things about kids and how parents dealt with it until we had Ryan. Drooling was so gross to me before as were poopy diapers. I remember almost screaming when I changed my friend Jenn's daughters diaper. Now Rayna is going to be 9 in December, friggn' 9 years old. Where did the time go?! Now if Ryan is drooling and I don't have anything to wipe it away I use my hand and wipe that on my pants or shirt. Its better then him staying wet and getting a rash.

How I have changed as well. Neil told me the other day if I saw myself 10 years ago now I would have laughed. To be fair I was wearing a tank top, little black shorts and a white hair band doing the dishes while Ryan was playing in his bouncer. I think Neil is right. I didn't want kids 10 years ago. Things have changed.

I like it.

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