Sunday, 31 July 2011

Brave mom is brave

Thursday Neil heard of this place call Cedar Point in Ohio and how we should go next year with Joe & Angela and how it would be this awesome cheep get away. Well I looked it up and its a roller coaster park.

Well crap. I hate roller coasters.

Last year when we went to Canada's Wonderland for Joe's birthday I had the wonderful excuse of being preggo with Ryan so I couldn't go on any of the rides. Well I have no excuse anymore. Shit.

I wrote Neil back and told him no way I would go to Cedar Point. I shut that idea down. He wrote back saying he was sad, he didn't want to go without me to Amusement parks. He wants to go with me! That was when I decided I was being an OLD fuddy duddy and when the hell did that happen? And I would go to Wonderland with him and try going on a roller coaster. Who knows maybe I liked them again.

That was when he told me we are going Friday, he had the day off. Double Shit. I tried the excuse it was hot and going on rides makes me feel sick and with the heat, surely he wouldn't want me to get sick. He laughed and said I was being silly. Then I saw the weather said Thunder Storms all day Friday. YAY I had a good excuse. When we woke up Friday morning just rain in the morning and the rest of the day was going to be nice. Triple Shit!

I tried telling Neil his mom was busy with work and couldn't watch Ryan all day, he said he already talked to her and she was happy to have Ryan.

So around 11:30 we were on our way. That was when I decided I would have a great day with my husband. It's pretty rare we do stuff just the two of us now. We either have Ryan or invite friends with us. 

We hit a good amount of rain on the way there which was nice, it cooled it down. 

After we got there we started on the Spinovator. Its like tea cups you have no control over. Neil got it on video till the lady over the speaker told him to put away his iPhone.

The lines were nothing, no wait times due to the rain. We think it scared people into not going to the park which is what we were hoping for. So we made our way to Behemoth. I waited in line with Neil (about 15 min at the most) and he went on it without me. No way that was going to be my first roller coaster.
Afterward we went and got food, we had a all you can eat for $8 which was a good deal. After eating we needed to digest a little before a ride so we went out to the car so I could pump my boobs. 

Once that was all done we headed back to the park and hit up The Vortex. It's a suspended coaster and you are in a bucket with good straps so I felt pretty safe. I was doing good but I had a breaking point when I let out a HUGE scream. Felt much better. The ride messed up my bum hip though which sucked.

After that we took a break and hit up Sponge Bob 3D and its sweet sweet air conditioning.
We made our way over to the kid area to check out rides for Ryan when he is older. I saw Silver Streak and there was no wait so we went on it. It is a suspended leg dangler. We went on it twice. I loved it. Yeah its a Jr roller coaster but whatever I still loved it.

Had to head to the car for pumping again. On the way to the car Neil wanted to hit up SkyRider. Its a STAND UP roller coaster. I almost went on it but it had a loop and standing up during a loop I think would be a little much just yet. Neil went on it twice.
Brave dad is brave! Brave mom not so much...

After pumping we checked out the water park and the rides for Ryan. We figure it would be a lot of fun next year. Its no Typhoon Lagoon but its still pretty wicked.

I told Neil I really wanted to go on Wind Seeker, 30-story tall swing ride.This ride I was not scared about at all. I love swings and I love heights! 
Poor Neil was mortified.
As we were waiting in line Neil said he was trying to decide to go on the inside of the swing and fall to his death or the outside of the swing and be flung to his death. He chose the inside. It was my turn to be brave for him. As we started going up I was telling him the view was amazing. I look over at him and his eyes are sort of open and he is just staring ahead. He mumbled something about looking at the horizon. I was looking all over and going WEEEEEEEE! I even put my arms out in front of me like I was flying. It was AWESOME. I could go on that ride all day.

Poor Neil looked like he was going to vomit. I just don't understand how he can go on the Behemoth but not handle a big swing. He thought I was insane trusting this small piece of 'string' to not break off and kill me. He compared it to the strength of a paper clip. Yeah we can both be a little dramatic.

Time to celebrate with fries!

Off to the car for pumping again. Stupid boobies. The AC was nice in the car though and gave us a chance to put on more sunscreen.

We made our way over to Back Lot Stunt Coaster after that. Thinking it would be a fun small ride. Neil had never been on it before. Holy shit it went fast! It was a lot of fun but I screamed like crazy. (and cussed until Neil pointed out the kid in front of us so I started yelling bugger)

We also hit up Thunder Run. It goes through the mountain. Its like Thunder Mountain in Disney. It was fun and not scary.

We figured for both of us being so brave we could get ice cream cookie! We didn't get one last time because soft serve ice cream is a no no when preggo.
It was so good.

We ended our night with another go on the Vortex. This time I kept my eyes open. We wanted to go on The Fly but it was closed. And I asked if Neil wanted to hit up Behemoth again but he was good.

When we go in September I am going to try a loop ride. EEEEK!
We called Gabi and she was good with Ryan so we took a shower and met up with Joe and Ang for dinner.

It was a great day.

And here is a picture of Ryan watching Tv. Just because its cute.



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  1. Alicia Wietholter9 August 2011 at 10:18

    I know everyone says every baby is cute... but he honestly really is freaking adorable!