Sunday, 10 July 2011

Three months old today

Ryan is three months old. Pretty soon he will be eating, telling us he hates us and working in the acid mines.
He is getting so big that Neil had to take all the 'new born' padding out of the car seat and move the straps to the highest level. I love looking at pictures of Ry in his newborn outfits when we brought him home.

He used to be so small!

Tara and Chris got us this super cute froggy outfit. The Newborn size was a little big on him when he was first born. We loved it so much we picked up the same outfit at 3 month size. Now it doesn't even fit.
Gabi got him a super cute yellow duck robe that is 9 month size he wore today.

Speaking of today it was very busy day indeed. He went swimming for the first time today!
SPF 50 shade blocker is a good thing!

Neil and I were shocked he didn't scream soon as we put him in. Cold water is a new thing to him. He had on his swim suit that is SPF 50 and we put him in this floater (You can find it at Canadian Tire for $20) Said on the box its good from 6 - 18 months. So hopefully we can use it next year and it has a sun blocker of SPF 50 on it.

We were very lucky to get to use a private pool. Rita and Tim invited us over and we had a great time. Ended up getting in the water at 6pm so the sun was pretty low and there was a lot of clouds. Because Ryan is under 6 months of age we can not use sun block and we can not get his head under water so we have to be extra safe. Which is why the floater was such a good investment. 
Sunburn + Baby + Water in Ear = BAD

After that Ryan slept on Tim for a bit while Neil and I splashed around. 
(pictures will hopefully be on facebook soonish) I'll share a few on here in a update later.
 Here is a teaser photo

Another first for him was he took a shower with me tonight. We wanted to get the pool water off him but felt a bath was a bit much after being in the pool for almost 30 min today. So as I was almost done with the shower Neil brought Ryan in for me to hold in the water. He liked it which was a bit of a shock to us as well. He did get super pissed when he got out because out house was cold. 

Fun thing was we have a glass door in the shower so I held Ryan's butt on the glass so he could MOON Neil. (Neil got a great photo but you can sort of see nude me in it and Ryan's little balls so we will not be sharing that with you kind people unless we doctor it with  A LOT of blur.)

We had a good weekend and an awesome first three months. Lets see what the next month has in store for us!

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