Sunday, 24 July 2011


Ryan has changed so much in the past few weeks. You can really see his little personalty coming out.
A few days ago he was in my arms just looking around happy as could be. Just ate, just had a clean diaper and just gave a nice big burp.
I went to put him in his green chair and I didn't even have him all the way in it yet and he started to cry. I picked him up right away, he stopped crying and smiled at me.
I promptly put him back in the chair. I explained mommy needs to pee, eat and feed the cats and he can just wait for 10 minutes. Soon as I was out of his line of sight he was fine.

Now like most moms (and dads) I like a good cuddle but I have stuff I have to do too.

I am pretty sure he learned when he cries he gets picked up. I have been trying to only pick him up when he is really upset. If he is just whining I let him be or I will move him to the bouncer or sit down and chat with him. I won't pick him up till he stops or if he gets really upset.

Also I think he has realized his hands are his and what he does with them. He loves to grab my face or grab my fingers and look at them. His favorite though he grabbing his feet. HE LOVES IT.

YAY Feet! 
Also I noticed his eyes are changing. They are not all blue anymore. There is green/yellow in the center like mine. Neil still thinks they will change to brown. I am not too sure.

(Click on the photo to enlarge and see for yourself)

I had my first nightmare the other night about Ryan. We were in a mall and I turned around for a second because Neil called me and when I turned back Ryan was gone. I woke up in a sweat and in my nightmare haze was so thrilled to see Ryan. (we have a one bedroom so his crib is in our room right now) He was in bed with us because he was crying a lot in the morning and I wanted more sleep. The trick is to side feed him and once he is done and sleeping I cuddle him a little. So it was nice to cuddle him and rub his back.

Neil is really stepping up the dad game. I think because I am the food source and I am home all day Ryan has become a little dependent on me at home. That makes things a little harder for Neil. Also because I got a little work thrown my way I had to have Neil help out at night so I could get it done by the due date. Which he was awesome at! He has mastered the art of distraction!

Check out my office (and the sleeping baby under the bright light... opps)

Also Ryan is starting to look more and more like Neil... in the morning. They both have that "I need coffee and an hour to wake up" look
Really need my coffee mom.

Whats really nice is Ryan is starting to be in a better mood at night. It just sucked before because I get him in the day when he is in a good mood and soon as Neil gets home in the evening he is fussy and unhappy and not too much fun to be around. 
A few nights ago we were all on the futon and I was feeding Ryan and he detached to look at Neil. And he busted out in that HUGE gummy grin he does. So Neil starts to chat with him and smile back. Ryan smiles even bigger. I told Neil to cut it out and tried to feed him again. Ryan starts to eat and he detached again to smile at daddy. We all start to laugh. Neil picks up a pillow off the futon and blocks Ryan from being able to see him. Which made me laugh even harder.

Its so cool that Ryan is starting to be a person. No longer this feeding, sleeping, cuddling, crying, pooping, machine. He wants to play and talk and laugh. I love it so much. Sometimes when he is in bed with me I will just lay there and stare at him and watch him sleep. Then I poke him so he make that frowny face I love so much.
Never said I was nice 100% of the time. 

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