Sunday, 3 July 2011

First night apart and wedding fun.

Ryan has been refusing the bottle from me for the past week. (like talked about in the previous post) So understandably I was nervous about his first night apart from me and the boobs.

Our good friends Dan and Vanessa (who have been mentioned on this blog before) were getting married Saturday. We didn't want to bring our 10 week old son because we thought he might be disruptive and because Neil was in the wedding party he needed to focus on the groom and making sure all his needs were met (and the bride!)

At 11am Chris picked up Neil. I was busy getting Ryan ready for his over night stay with grandma and grandpa Bank. About noon Rita and I head over to the condo. After dropping all his stuff off, laying down a few rules (nothing in his sleeping area and back sleeping ONLY) and a few tips (prep the bottles for nighttime feeds before bed - you can do this with breast milk NOT FORMULA. Formula has to be mixed right before use.) I was on my way.

EDIT : My friend Wendy said her formula (Simulac) says you can mix formula and leave in the fridge up to 24 hours. I use Good Start and it says to mix right before use and toss any uneaten right away. So double check with you doctor on this.

Finished getting ready and picked up Tara. Once we got there we picked out a seat and enjoyed the wedding ceremony. It went smoothly and we were amazing by how stunning Vanessa looked in her dress. After the wedding you could see how much more relaxed and at ease the bride and groom were. Its stressful when you are getting married up there with everyone looking at you and you are trying not to cry or mess up your lines or drop the wedding ring... but they made it!
After that we were in the reception at our table. Our table was the fun table.
Myself, Tara, Mark and Lynds, Sherry, Roland, Janet and Mike Park. It was a blast!

By now it had been five hours since Ryan ate... Gabi was sweet and emailed me to let me know Ryan just finished a bottle.(and did this though out the night every time he ate) I was so happy I went and got a beer. Now that I knew Gabi had worked her grandma magic and got him to eat I could relax and have a good time. I wouldn't need to run home and feed him. YAY!

We had an AMAZING time. The food was yummy, the people were fun, the booze flowed and the music was rocking. Danced so much I am sore today. Neil even grabbed me and took me for a slow dance. He never does that, it made my night.

I was able to pump in the bridal room. (the first pumping was in the bathroom) Janet kept me company one of the times until Neil came in to sit and chat with me. 
Really I should have pumped more because my breast would get so sore and hard. I just didn't want to miss anything.

Neil and I got to sleep around 3am. I woke up at 7am to pump and we started our day around 11am.

We had some running around to do so I gave Gabi a quick call to see how they were doing and if they could keep Ryan for a few more hours.

That was when I heard the POOP story. This morning Gabi was holding Ryan when he pooped so much it came out the back and front of his outfit, went all over Gabi to the point of going between her legs and getting on the chair. She said she had to sit there for about five minutes trying to figure out how to get out of the chair without getting poop everywhere. Gabi was able to grab a quick shower while Sandor cleaned up Ryan.

I should have warned her about Ryan's morning poops. He will not poop all night and the morning poop can be pretty big but he is always in a good mood afterward.

So all in all a very successful night for us all and now I can be more relaxed about over night stays with the grand folks. Which I think we should make a once a month thing. Let Neil and I have a night to be alone and Ryan a night to have fun and be spoiled with Grandma and Grandpa.

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  1. Hehehe, wow, so much poop for such a little dude! Glad you guys had fun at the wedding!