Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Frustration is the name of the game.

Ryan is being a jerk. There I said it. My son the jerk.

He refuses bottles now with formula in it. Before he would eat anything and everything didn't care who was giving it to him or what it was.
Now he is a boob snob.

The reason we are trying to get him to take a bottle is I will not always breast feed. (or have enough pumped for whoever is watching him) I know some women do it for years. That's not for me. 

A few weeks ago I noticed Ryan was sleeping longer without the before bedtime formula bottle so I stopped giving it to him. I was very pleased with myself that the breast kept him full for almost 3 hours at night before waking up to feed again. However by doing this I shot myself in the foot. Hell both feet.
Now when either Neil or I try to give him formula he freaks out. (He will take bottle of boob milk though.) He cries until he passes out. Lately nighttime has been fussy time and after the joy of screaming at me for an hour last night while trying to give him formula, we decided to try to reintroduce formula during the day when he is happy.

Well my first try did not go over at all. He cried and is now sleeping. I know he is hungry because he hasn't eaten in over 2 1/2 hours and during the day he eats about every hour.

When he wakes up I will give him boob and in 1/2 hour try to give him a small amount of formula when he is not starving and in a good mood. Maybe it didn't go so well because he was so hungry?

I know boob milk is sweet and this formula we use is metallic and tastes horrid but isn't 10 weeks old a little early to be a picky eater?

We have to get him to take formula because I can not always leave enough milk for grandma when he watches him. Saturday we have a wedding to go to and Ryan is having his first overnight with the grandparents (Neils folks). I will make sure to tell Gabi to save the breast milk for nighttime and when he wakes up to eat in the middle of the night and use the formula for afternoon and morning. Maybe alternate between breast and formula during the day.

I know the canned stuff is sweeter but its also very expensive. Then again for how much we give him it might be worth the try. I will ask Tara for a can to try it out on him before we buy any. (It worked for Sloane when Tara was no longer able to pump/feed)
I really think breast milk has some sort of addictive chemical in it for babies cause they go crazy for it.

Also Ryan eats so often I thought it got better when they got older. He still eats about every hour during the day and every 2 1/2 hours at night. A book I read said he should be sleeping 6 hours at night... I wonder if my breast milk is not fat enough. Then again we gave him formula the other night and he slept 3 hours and last night he got breast milk and slept almost 4.

Well he is gaining weight and peeing/pooping a lot so I am doing something right. Trying not to get the first time mom worries. (and failing)

I really love my son with all my heart but a part of me is really looking forward to Saturday and having an over night break.

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