Friday, 3 June 2011

Geocaching Blog and Awesome Kid

Our friend Angela (who I have mentioned before in this blog) started a blog about Geocaching. Its a pretty interesting read and goes more in depth about the joys and adventures when you geocache. Check it out and make sure to check it often for updates (and super cute pictures of her and Joe's puppy girl Tumbler)

So yesterday was Ryan's first really awesome day. He was just in a great mood all day and really well behaved. He still has a lot of gas but he just sticks out his tongue and turns purple with pushing. Then he will fart, smile and go about his day. Much like his dad when he has gas (I tease Neil!). We hung out with the Parks and Janet kept saying how good Ryan was. She has two daughters so she understands when I tell her he hasn't been like this for the past six weeks.
Today is another awesome day with happy kid. Could this be the end of screaming gas fits? Could this stay at home mom be SO LUCKY as to have a happy gas passing kid?
My hopes are up!
 Ryan and Alexandra
She kept giving him kisses it was pretty cute.

Tomorrow I am going to Niagara Falls with a small group of girls for Vanessa's bachelorette party. I have a cooler and a crap ton of ice packs so I can pump my breast milk. 9am-6pm. I have no choice I have to pump, this kid eats every hour, sometimes more. I can't go more then 3 hours without pumping or it really hurts. Good side is I have loads of milk for the kid, bad side is when I am not with him it can be inconvenience. I am pretty sure I am set though. I also prepped the bag for Grandma.

Neil will spend a good amount of time with Ryan but Grandma is looking forward to having him over at her house too. I have nine servings of breast milk... and a container of formula. They should be okay.
I really hope Ryan's awesome mood and gas passing sticks around for Saturday!
Rock on Ryan... rock on
(also Neil is my best friend, sorry Ry (his shirt))

This will be longest I have been away from him. I think its a good test run for July 2nd when we MIGHT leave him with grandma overnight (for a wedding) yikes. I am excited about that and really nervous! Good news is the wedding is close and I doubt we will get a hotel room. We live ONE BLOCK from grandma. It really comes in handy!

Also we are checking out X-men First Class with Ted, Joe and Angela on Sunday. I am pretty jazzed about that. Haven't seen them in a few weeks and miss our geek talks. I got my big purse out so I can sneak in treats and drinks. This is going to be my first non-preggo movie trip which is awesome. I won't have to get up and pee during the movie. SCORE.

Enjoy this viedo of Ryan dancing with Neil.
Kid LOVES music.

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