Monday, 30 May 2011

Advice and Neils first 'bad day' alone with Ry

I thought it was bad when I was pregnant. Nope. The amount of advice you get on babies is nothing until you are carrying one around ON you not IN you.
"He is to young to be outside"
"That's not how I did it with my kids"
"Well I have five children so I know what I am talking about"
"when I had my kids they told us to do this..."

A lot of the advice I have gotten has been BEYOND helpful. It pays to open your ears and not dismiss someone because they had a kid 30 years ago. You can learn a lot.
When I first had Ryan I got annoyed a lot at the un-asked for advice. Now that I am not as sleep deprived and there for less of a bitch I open up and take what I want from the advice given.

Friends, family, and strangers can sometimes offer a awesome idea, or tidbit of info if you just take a second and pay attention.

So Saturday Neil, Chris, Dan and Anand went out to Niagara Falls for Dans bachelor party. It was an over night trip. And as one would imagine Neil did not get a lot of sleep that night, just a few hours. 
Sunday he comes home, we chat about the night (and I get really jealous of the yummy food they ate) and I get ready to go to the bridal shower. I feed Ryan and he is in a pretty good mood when I leave (just pooped and passed a lot of gas).
Neil is full of hope that he will be able to get a nap with Ryan. I hope he does to but I know Ryan has that "up all day" look to him. I didn't think he would be so grumpy though...

Then I get the text messages from Neil about how Ryan ate ALL three 50ml breast milk bottles in 45 minutes. Crap, that was all the breast milk I left non-frozen. Neil will have to use Formula before I get home. Well that was the least of Neils worries. Ryan went into "BAD MOOD" and just kept crying. I start getting messages about how our son is bi-polar. 

 When Neil took the 3rd bottle away for 1 second.

heh Then I get this message...

"I just changed his outfit which he then proceeded to spit up on not once but twice to assert dominance over me"
I start laughing. I write Neil "Welcome to my Monday - Friday" I really think now Neil understand why sometimes I am frantic by the time he gets home to give him Ryan so I can take a shower (thankfully those days are rare).

Wasn't too long after that I came home and Ry got the boobies he missed so much. (and then passed out on me until I was RUDE enough to move then started to cry)

Its harder for Neil cause he has to warm up the bottles and Ry is used to not waiting and really doesn't handle waiting well at all.
I also forgot to warn Neil about the cluster feeding and how he can eat A LOT in a small amount of time. For me its not too big a deal, little painful and makes me tired but I dont have to heat up 3 bottles in less then an hour.

Neil is the white my replies are in the green. 
(its a joke people Neil loves Ryan, gas comment made me laugh so I thought I should share)

Then we talk about taking him out of the basket in our bed and moving him to the crib tonight. Which went really great. The crib is in our bedroom and the Moses basket use to be in our bed between us. It was nice to have our king size bed back!

Neil tried it out and Ry liked it for his 30 min afternoon nap.
(also I removed all the toys from his crib before last night)

Good thing is because he was up all day and he got a bath last night he slept great last night for us YAY!

I never thought my life would revolve around another persons poops and sleep schedule. So weird.

Also we really need to get the air turned on here, its getting hot and hot baby = evil.

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