Sunday, 8 May 2011

Geocaching with Ryan

Friday night was his first real bath. Didn't go over that great with Ry. Neil got some photos and I will have to add them into this post later (once I get them off the camera). The camera gets awesome shots but its just so much easier with my iPhone to get photos and get them online. Too bad I was washing him and trying my best to not have him get too cold or pissed.
 I digress. So the bath didn't go so great and it dried his skin out pretty bad (I put baby lotion on him afterward) but he slept pretty good after the bath.

Saturday we were supposed to be at Dan & Vanessa's at 11, we got there a few minutes after 12. Neil had emergency work shit to deal with and I was busy trying to shower myself, get me ready, get the bag ready, feed Ryan, feed the cats, double check the bag... all the other crap you have to do before leaving with a newborn. I think we made pretty good timing. Freaked me out how many babies were there though. Really hit me we are all in the breeding age group now.

We hung out with them for a while. Vanessa brunch birthday celebrating and she announced she is going back to school to get a law degree which is huge news! And its going to be in Ottawa which is about four hours away from her soon to be husband Dan. She will do it from Sept-April for three years. It will be hard on them but I think they can do it. Neil and I did it for a long time and we made it work. Its a sacrifice for the future for them. It opens a lot of doors for Vee.

After we left there we went to Babies R Us and good thing we did... The Bjorn Carrier we wanted, the $200 one was $40 OFF! Super score AND we had $100 in gift certs on us so we got it all said and done for $78 bucks (with a warranty) Not bad.

So we went into the parking lot and while Neil was strapping it on I feed Ryan in the car. And we were off. We got two Geocaches!
Side note if you don't know what Geocaching it check it out here.

Its awesome, I think Neil summed it up best when he said it felt like we had a normal life back but just was making room for Ryan in it. (or something to that effect). We went out A LOT last summer and made it a point to not be in the house. With losing Abbey last year and feeling like we didn't make the most of our summer the year before we just really put ourselves out there to the point where some friends made fun of us on facebook about how we went to every festival and park. We want to do that again this year. But it just takes a little more planning with a baby. And we did it! We don't want to be home body's and afraid of going out cause we have no idea how to do it with a kid... you will learn but doing!

After that we went to Carters and got two outfits with Ryan and then walked over to Winners to check it out. Nada there.

We were driving home and called Joe and Angela to see if they wanted to just walk around the lake with us.
Neil feed Ryan some breast milk in the car while I pumped and it hit us... we had been out for five hours with Ryan doing stuff. And making it work! Other then one melt down at BRU when Ryan was over heated we were having a great time.
We did the walk around the lake and then Angela suggested we hit up Five Guys burgers for lunch/dinner. Since we hadn't eaten much that day and were STARVING it was not a hard sell.
Ryan was awesome at the restaurant too and we were able to enjoy our meals. 

After that we headed home to chill on the futon with Ryan and watch some Wipe Out (our new guilty pleasure).

We were out of the house for a little over seven hours. We walked so much I am pretty sore today (still healing). But I wouldn't take back a second of it. It felt so awesome. Like a complete family just out enjoying the spring day and sunshine.

That being said in celebration of Mothers day I pumped a lot yesterday so Neil has milk and I am ditching him and the kid for an hour. I am going to buy myself a pair of shorts and some more tank tops as my gift to me. :D
Hmmmm then again maybe it would be fun if we went out as a family to Old Navy. 

Have a great mothers day to all the moms out there and remember to take a little time to yourself but also use this day to remind yourself how awesome your kid/kids are and how lucky you are to have them.

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