Monday, 2 May 2011

Weekend of First's

This weekend was a weekend full of firsts for us as a family.

1. Friday we went to Chris & Tara's
We figure our first time out at a friends house would be best if we went to a house that has a kid. Chris & Tara have a eight month old daughter named Sloane. When we got there Chris was feeding Sloane dinner. She was very curious about Ryan. After chatting for a bit Ryan got hungry so I breast feed him for a bit. We enjoyed a easy going dinner and chatting with the experienced parents. Tara made me feel much better about the struggles I had with breast feeding. Tara and Sloane were sitting on the mat on the floor and I sat down there with Ryan. Sloane was very interested in Ryan's hands and kept trying to get them. It was very cute. We lasted a pretty long time. We ended up leaving around 11:30 with no problems (no screaming fits or exploding poo from Ryan.)

2. Saturday afternoon we went to Joe and Angela's. 
They have a puppy but no kids. (both have nieces and nephews though so Kids are not a odd thing to them) just a kid free house. I think we packed up everything we thought we would need and did really great.
We fed Ryan really well before we left and we enjoyed a walk around the lake Aquatine with Tumbler (the puppy). All went pretty good. Ryan was still sleeping when we got inside and we let him. I pumped under the boob cover in preparation for him waking and its just easier to pump and feed from a bottle when we are out. I didn't want to sit there trying to feed him for an hour. After he woke I was feeding him when he pooped. Or so I thought he pooped... I took him into the bedroom to change him on his travel change mat. As I took off his diaper and was wiping him down he peed. I covered him with a diaper and called for Neil. As I was putting that wet diaper in the throw away bag Ryan thought it would be a great idea to shit everywhere. And on top of that pee some more. Real nice. I had yet to get a diaper under him so it was all over the place on his change pad and all over him... as he was kicking and squirming all over. We wrapped him up in a spare blanket we had and I took him into the bathroom to wash him down while Neil cleaned up the change mat. It was so embarrassing. THANK GOD we didn't get any poop on the carpet (of the apartment they JUST moved into 3 months ago) yikes.
Also thankful I had packed so many blankets and outfits because they didn't have any paper towels. Needless to say we didn't hang out too long after that because we were out of most things we might need if he pooped again! I think we left around 7ish. Those of you on our facebook will remember the photo Neil posted of Ryan and I sleeping early Saturday night... yeah it was a long day!

3. Sunday we went out to eat. Ryan Mitchell came over to meet our Ryan. We hung out for a bit and then decided to venture out for a early dinner at Jack Assters with the kid. Our first time eating out. Thankfully Ryan slept the whole time but I was ready for him to wake. I had some breast milk in our bag just encase! Also Neil and I win perfect timing award because about 5 min after Neil dropped me off at home (he was taking Ryan M to the go station) our Ryan shit all over and little did I know the one side of his diaper came undone. So there was a little clean up for mom and that was followed with some crying because he was hungry. Like I said perfect timing because that would have been a pain to clean up at the restaurant.

4. First public bathroom change. 
Today at the doctors we got his tongue tie fixed. Neil had to hold him cause I could not look. It was just a little cut under his tongue with very little blood (had to put a little mini gauze in his mouth). And we were able to feed once we got home. Still painful but Ry and I will have to work together on it. I am pretty excited about him being able to eat without causing me so much pain because I am on the verge of being a pump only mom and I know that is a one way street to a formula mom and I really really want him to get breast milk as long as I can. So today was the first time I change him in a public bathroom. Went really well. Some crying cause the wipes are cold but at least he didn't pee on me.

So just a lot of firsts for us new parents and new baby. We are slowly starting to figure it all out. I have a fine balance.
I try to nap in the morning (after eating really fast) with Ry after Neil leaves for work. Typically about 45 min around 10am. Then Ryan eats more. His early afternoon nap is when I shower, eat lunch, do dishes, do the wash and try to do a fast clean of the house (also pet the kitties a little). Late afternoon before Neil comes home I try to squeeze in another 45 min nap if Ryan feels nice enough to sleep that long. Night time I get 1-2 hours between the feeding. Sometimes I am VERY lucky and will get 3 WHOLE hours of sleep. Those are awesome nights.

Tiny hands are cute.

Being a mom is pretty hard work. A lot harder then I used to give women credit for. I think, with time, it will get not easier but better at fitting stuff into the day and getting things done. I do think it would easier if I bottle fed, not MUCH easier but I would spend a lot less time feeding him. Breast feeding takes time but today at one point he latched on and it DIDN'T HURT. I got so excited. After two weeks of pain it didn't hurt. Then he broke the latch and it hurt again but the promise is there and that makes me hopeful. I also think with the tounge tie fixed he won't need to feed as long. He will get more milk faster.
Or so the research says, and that makes for a happy fat baby and a happy rested mom!

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