Friday, 13 May 2011

And in this corner weighing in at...

1 month check up today at the doctors for Ryan. He will be one month old on Sunday. Wow.
He weighs 10lbs 14oz, almost 11lbs. Double wow. He is getting big!
He feel much more sturdy. He holds his neck up every time I burp him (unless its late at night and he is sleeping while I try to burp him) and he can move his head around. Doesn't have great control of it so we still have to support him but he is getting there.

Yesterday was a rough day. He cried A LOT and was really gassy. Still have no idea what I am doing wrong. Guess we will have to just tough it out and understand that some days will be bad. Good thing is he slept great last night so Neil and I got some sleep for a change.

Today he is much better. Only had a little gas pain. I picked up Gripe water and tried it out. Looks like its working pretty well. I figure the Ovol drops are small enough to put in the diaper bag so those we will travel with and leave the gripe water at home since the bottle is huge and the serving size is much larger.

I am still free of milk, spice, onions and garlic. And I am still have two cups of Fennel tea a day. Nothing has really changed. The Doc said today to avoid spicy foods but everything else should be okay. He also said about the 4mth mark it should get better.

I figure Neil and I made it one month and its gone by pretty fast. The next three should be okay too.
I am excited about seeing how he grows, who he will look like, what colour his eyes will be, will he have dimples when he smiles? What colour will his hair be, please let him have my thick hair and not Neils thin! Will he get freckles or have Neils nice skin that tans in the sun? What will his first word be?

(first bath photo)

Second bath went much better. Neil was in the tub with him. Ryan looks red cause of the lighting and I took this with my iPhone. 
The water was not hot, don't worry!

I hope Ryan loves the water as much as I do when he is a little older!

Also we are going for the second month shots on the 22nd of June. It was scheduled for the 17th but then I realized that is the day before the baby shower and a baby with a fever and all grumpy from the shots might not be that fun to be around or get photos of... so we rescheduled. :D  
Good thing Chris and Tara already hooked us up with the pain medication we will need for Ryan.
It's nice to have new parents around us to give us all these tips and tricks!!!

Also its been nice to get all this advice on breast feeding and any of the problems we had with Ryan. The info is great and I really appreciate it everyone. 

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  1. genetically speaking, the hair gene for males is USUALLY passed down on the mom's side, so that could be good news :)