Sunday, 15 May 2011

One month old

I can not believe one month has gone by already. Not upset about it, just shocked.
It's pretty cool when you stop and think about it though. He is starting to get a personality to him and not just a feeding, pooping, sleeping thing. In another month he will be a mini human and not just a baby. Pretty exciting stuff.

Happy baby and happy mom

This past month held so many firsts for Neil and I as a couple with our new little guy. So many accomplishments and small victory's.

In no order... bathing Ryan for the first time (sponge and real bath) going out to eat with Ryan, the cord coming off (ew), visiting friends with babies and without, geocaching, our first walk together, our first outing to a store, our first diaper change and clothing change, breastfeeding and getting the hang of that, tongue ties, doctor visits, weigh in's, crying fits (me and the baby) cooking dinner (harder to do then you would think with a new born) the cats getting used to Ryan, our first car ride, the BIRTH of Ryan and the hospital stay (Neil should get a home made pie for his role in that) Poor guy spent two days sleeping in chairs and he changed the first few poop diapers with that tar like poop. I am sure there are many other firsts I am forgetting but all of them have been amazing.

I think Neil really did say it best when he said there are things he would do for Ryan he would never do for anyone else. 

I remember when Sloane (our friends daughter) spit up on me the for the first time. I thought I was going to be sick. I was so grossed out. How could Chris and Tara walk around with spit up stains on shirts and not think anything of it?! I get it now. Ryan spit up on me yesterday at a Joe & Angela's house and I didn't think anything of it. Wiped it off my shirt and just kept on playing the Michael Jackson Video game.

I change his poop diaper without another thought about it and I get all excited when he farts cause it makes for a happy Ryan when the gas gets out.

Don't get me wrong, kids are pretty gross but something in you changes when it's your own and you don't mind cleaning that crease under the neck where cat hair gets stuck.

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