Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Clothing and Gas Pain

Its so odd to put on clothing now. My body is not back to its old size but every day its getting closer. Good news is bloating is pretty much gone and I can wear my wedding ring! (and my old shoes)
It did feel nice to put away my pregnant clothing. A little sad though. But it was also fun to go through some of my old clothing from last year and try everything on, to see if it fit or how much I had to lose to get it to fit. Sometimes I miss my belly. I miss rubbing it. But then I hug my husband, bend over and put on my shoes or go three hours without peeing and I don't miss it so much. :P

I gained 47lbs when preggo. Wow just writing that makes me sad. I thought I only gained 38 but I went back through my old journal and information... nope 47 gained. WOW. 
I have lost 35lbs so far in the past three weeks. A good part of that was lost when I gave birth.
It's not just the almost 9lb kid I had but all the fluid and gross stuff that goes with it. I think some of it I have lost by breast feeding. The first two weeks I would have cramps when he feed because it was everything shrinking back to its old size. I am looking forward to my check up on the 31st to see how everything is and if I am back to normal.

Breast feeding also burns calories and water weight (which is why I am drinking even MORE water then before) and if you know me that is insane... I drink a crap ton of water.

I figure if I watch what I eat (and I have to cause Ryan is very sensitive to the foods I eat) and go for a walk every day I should lose the rest of it by the end of summer.
My goal then is to lose another 35lbs by the end of next winter. And I figure running around after a toddler that should be a realistic goal. So 35lbs in a year...
Not eating sweets is a big motivation when you are breastfeeding cause the sugar goes to the baby and makes him really cranky.

Ryan has been suffering from really bad gas. We give him Ovol drops sometimes but I don't want to give it to him too much medication. 
I have tried cutting stuff from my diet.
I have cut milk, hot spice, onions and garlic. WHICH SUCKS cause all of those we eat a lot of. Onions and hot spice are in almost everything we cook.
I thought after I gave birth, other then limited booze, I would be able to eat anything I wanted again. damn it.

But watching him turn purple from crying in pain is really what pushes me to try elimination diet while I breast feed. I have read that into the second month the babies intestines will mature more and have less issues with gas. I hope that is the case. Ill double check with his Doc on Friday.

I am even trying fennel tea cause its supposed to help Ryan with gas.
Poor guy. Neil has gotten really good at 'gassing him' aka pumping Ryan's legs until he farts. I am starting to get good at it too.
We thought it might be the pacifier giving him gas but I am pretty sure its the food I am eating. Also the one day I went without giving him the pacifier was a NIGHTMARE. Not going to try that again anytime soon.

I am looking forward also to Ryan's one month check up this Friday. I cant wait to see how much he weighs now. Not looking forward to the shots he will have in his second month. They might cause a fever for a few days. That will suck BIG TIME. 

Off to try to shower. Robin is coming over tonight for dinner. I am going to try to convince the boys to go for a walk. Maybe Robin can carry Ryan in the Bjorn!

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