Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bras and bad days

I am looking for a good breastfeeding bra. I have one now but it feels weird and its black. I need a nude or white one. It is summer and I cant wear black for the next five months. I already am running hot because of the breastfeeding. Really don't want to sweat all over poor Ryan when we are out being active.
Right now I use three sport bras I got at wal-mart and I just pull them down under my boob. Works great at home but I would like something smooth and a little less noticeable when I go out.

SO all you breast feeding moms, any help would be great. Looking for brands and where to get them. Those of you in the states we don't have target up here but I can order and ask my mom to ship it up. I would like something with support and something easy to un-clasp.
(thank you in advance)

Ryan has been having 'bad' days since Sunday and today is a good day YAY.
Bad days are him crying a lot and nothing makes him happy and he wont sleep during the day so he gets tired and cries.

Good days are when he is happy and smiles and naps. Today is a good day and its a nice break to be honest. I love seeing my smiling happy baby. When his eyes open and he sees me he breaks out in this HUGE smile. I love that. I don't like when he turns purple and big ol' tears come down his face and nothing I can do makes him happy.

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