Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ryans Shower and his first round of shots.

Ryan's shower was this past sat (the 18th) and it went great.
Friday we headed over to Sherry and Roland's who were sweet enough to host the shower in the back yard (with help from Rita, Tim and Gabi) We set up the huge tent (thanks again to Chris and Anand for helping!) and hung out a little.

Saturday the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny all day. Bad news was because our Ryan is so little he gets over heated fast so we had to work some magic and put a fan on him and take some clothing off of him. However he still had a bad event.
Because there were so many people and Neil and I were distracted we didn't pick up on the cues that Ryan was close to a melt down till it was too late. Neil pointed out to me he hadn't eaten in a while (over an hour) and was showing signs of hunger. I took him downstairs to feed him and that is when the melt down happened. We think because I was hot and he was hot when I put him to my breast it was just too much heat. He freaked and nothing I could do would calm him down. Time to get help from Neil! Neil came downstairs and held him and got him calm enough to take some cold breast milk. We took his clothing off and put a cool wet cloth on his belly to cool him down a little. I think that mixed with the cold breast milk calmed him down.
Side note... you can feed a baby cold breast milk, its perfectly safe. Some babies might spit up a little more from it but its great if you are not able to breast feed (like in a car driving) and need to get food in the little one before they freak out.
After eating and cooling down he was fine. We put him in the pool for a minutes to cool him down more but the water was too cold and didn't care for it.

Too COLD, do not want.

However he took to the breast after that so I was happy. We had a good time, a great night and it was a blast to spend time with so many friends. I think we dropped the ball on introductions though since Tara thought Christina was a co-worker! (she is Robins girlfriend and all and all an awesome lady)
Neil posted photos on Facebook. 
 He has so many friends!

And so many gifts!

Neil hanging with Big and Little Ryan

There were even some pretty ladies there for Ryan!

Today was Ryan's first round of shots. He did great. He was a happy camper till the needles when in his legs. (one in each leg) I feel bad because Neil said Ryan was looking at him and gave him this "why would you do this to me I trust you" look. So in two months when we go for the next round I will be the one he looks at. Its only fair. 
 Before the shots...
 After the shots
Neil did say something that made me smile. As we were putting him in the car Neil said something about taking him to McDonald's when he is big enough.
Back story to his is as a kid Neils mom took him to McDonald's when he was good at the dentist or doctors. So that way he would not DREAD the doctors offices. He knew at the end of the pain and discomfort he would get yummy bad food he never got to have other wise. I think its an awesome tradition we will do with Ryan. I remember my mom doing something like that, we would get milkshakes at McD's and having a burping contest.

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