Friday, 17 June 2011

Daddy Time

Neil has off since last Friday. It has been pretty damn nice to have him around. Friday we started off the 'staycation' with a trip to the Toronto Zoo. Those of you that are not living in Toronto or the GTA and read this its a pretty nice Zoo. Not sad. Well the Tiger was sad cause he was looking for food to eat but it was still pretty cool.
We had a pretty damn good day and we were there from 11:30-4:30. Just in time to hit rush hour traffic. Thank goodness I had the pump on me and I was able to pump, put it in the bottle and feed him in the car cause WOW the traffic was bad and took a little longer then an hour to get home. 

Pictures are here.

He posted more on his facebook with funny captions.

Neil rented a 70-200 lens from vistek which is what makes the pictures sharp on the focus of the subject and all blurry background. So nice... we both want it but the lens is $2,200.

We went to the Royal Botanical Gardens Sunday which was a let down. We were too late for spring flowers and to early for roses. Neil and Ryan were in 'eh' moods so we didn't stay too long. We also had a family dinner to celebrate Robins 34th Birthday. 

Tuesday we visited Tara and Sloane and hung outside in Port Credit at this awesome spot Tara found that is under a huge tree, not a lot of people go there and its right next to the water. No I will not tell you were it is. :P
Sloane is crawling now like crazy. I don't think it will be too long before she is running. Poor Tara!

Wednesday I lucked out and found a dress for both weddings this year that I can pump in, found it a Winners which is awesome. (its like a Ross) Name brand clothing on sale.

Yesterday Kimberly came to visit. It was so nice to sit and chat with her. Ryan really liked her and kept giving her smiles. Though it figures after we tell her how lucky we are cause he is such a good kid he starts to cry and gets in a bad mood the whole time she is here.

Today we are going to set up the tent for the shower. Pretty excited about the baby shower tomorrow. I hope it goes well and Ryan is in a good mood. We have noticed he is getting bored now. I really hope we get some toys for him. He does well when we take him outside. He also likes going to stores because its new stuff to look at. I find he sleeps much better at night when we do take him out someplace. Either to a friends house or even just a long walk.

And for your enjoyment Sink Bath Baby. (Rita took this picture and I posted it on here because it makes me laugh)

He likes tub baths a lot more.
I am looking forward to the bath tonight with him (he sleeps GREAT after a bath). He likes being in the water without the baby chair Chris and Tara let us borrow. He likes to kick under the water. Which means one of us has to be in the tub with him.

I am sad he is growing up so fast (almost 9 weeks old!) but I am also looking forward to all the cool stuff he gets to experience soon (and has been so far).

OH and another milestone for him is he has been mimicking us. And loves it when you mimic him. Yesterday Neil and him were going back and forth. It was pretty cute. Still waiting for that creepy baby laugh though. I don't care what you say the sound of baby's laughing is fracking creepy.

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