Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tips and Tricks for New Moms and Wedding Outfits with BF

Tips (items to get) The Schick Intuition Razer  was made for preggos and women that just has a kid and want to shave while in the shower but don't have the time. I fell in love with it when I was pregnant and bending over to shave was a work out all on its own. Using this I didn't have to put shave cream on as well. One less step. Which is what makes it so great when you are pressed for time.

Application must have.
If you have a iPhone or iPad download this application (its free) 
What to Expect Tracker.
Because those first few weeks are HARD. There were times when Ryan would wake up in the middle of the night to feed and I would swear he just ate and one quick look at my phone told me he had been sleeping for 2 hours and I had to get my butt out of bed and feed him!

Tricks Pumping on the go. I was out and away from Ryan from 9am till Midnight Saturday so I learned all about pumping on the go. We went to Niagara Falls and after that hung out at a friends house for a BBQ.

Items to have
Pump, bag for pump, Ziploc bag for dirty pump parts if you can not clean right away, bottle of water to do a quick clean while out (if you are pumping on a road trip this is handy), breast milk bags, a marker to write on the bags, a clean cloth to wipe down the pump or any spilled milk, boobie cover so you can pump in the car or anywhere, cooler, ice packs (a lot of them) and a few paper towels cause you never know.

I knew I would have to plan ahead. I would be out with a group of girls for most of the day. And I knew I might not have access to a bathroom to clean the pump (bottle of water really comes in handy).
I pumped as much as I could. I can not go more then four hours without pumping. Four hours is really pushing it. Its better to do it every two. I pumped in the car between activities. I would pump into the bottle. Then pour it into the breast milk bag. Label it and put in the cooler under the ice packs. Then I would put away my boobie cover, rinse out the pump parts and the bottle, clean it with my cloth and put it away to use again. If we were driving I would put the dirty pump in the Ziploc bag.
Good thing was I was able to pump A LOT and have it frozen for the wedding we are going to July 2nd. Ryan might be staying over with grandma so she will be needing all that milk! The wedding is at 3pm so I can feed him for most of the day at least.

I am trying to find an outfit for the wedding that I can pump in. I am fine going to a corner (or my car) with my cover or a pashmina and pumping. I don't want to have to go into the bathroom to take off my whole outfit every time I have to pump. Like I said about every two - three hours. And if I pump both its about 30 min.
Maybe this one will work? also check it out, I have hips again!
I have a nice skirt and I have a nice pair of tan pants. Now just have to find a top that will go with either of them. Something tells me finding a dress I can pump in will be hard.

Also I lost more weight, I am 4lbs away from my pre-baby weight. Though I don't feel it because I have that belly pooch still. All you moms out there know what I am talking about. So I am going to keep on walking/jogging to burn it off. I hope to lose another 15lbs by Fall. I think it will not be that hard because I am pretty heavy. I could really stand to lose about 30-35 lbs. So to lose 15 should be easy. I was talking to Neil about how losing the last 10lbs will be hard as long as I am BF because your body stores on to that little bit of fat for the baby. After I stop BFing though there are no more excuses.

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