Monday, 18 July 2011

Sleeping at night

We have been pretty lucky that Ryan DOES sleep at night. We got that awake at night sleeping during the day crap out of him pretty fast.
I think in part we were lucky, and in part my tricks worked. At night we would be in the bedroom... keep it dark, quiet and cool. During the day I would take him out of the bedroom and put him the living room. I would open all the blinds and let the sun shine in. Even if he was napping during the day it was in the bright light.

That being said he is 13 weeks and still waking a lot at night to feed. I think I need to play my part in stopping this. Some tricks we cant use because we live in a one bedroom right now. So Ryan is in his crib in our room.
I found this info and I am hoping to try it out starting this Thursday evening. I am waiting till Thursday because Neil has off Friday and it will give us three nights to try it till Neil has to get sleep to go back to work. And if I really want to stick with it or see some small change and need to 'stick it out' I will just have Neil sleep in the living room for a few days.

I think I will try when he wakes after sleeping just an hour to not feed him. If he has been sleeping three hours obviously I will feed him. 

Ill update with any progress. 

Wish this sleepy mom (and dad) luck!

Also a side note. I don't expect Ryan to sleep through the night just yet but I go expect to get more then 2 hours of sleep at a time.

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