Monday, 23 March 2015

Wait... what... you can do math now?!

Ryan has been learning math at school. Now since he is not yet 3 and sometimes still struggles with his shapes I thought maybe they were just teaching him numbers and what math is.
Nope. He busted out last week with "hey mom did you know if you put 2 and 1 together they make 3.
They sure do buddy...
This morning he busts out with "hey mom 2 and 2 make 4."

He has this huge interest in time as well. Now I remember when I was kid not understanding WHY adults said it was 11:30 when the hand was pointing at 11 and 6. Why was it not 11:06? Once I understood how a clock worked I got it but I remember struggling with the idea of time and the 5 min increments.
I am trying to help with him and I think next trip to Ikea we will get him a clock for his room. But he loves to run around the house yelling out the placements of the clock hands. hahaha

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