Monday, 18 November 2013

Been forever! (new House, Ryan update)

I am such a slacker. Really should try to NOT start each post with that!
So after being homeless for a month, going on an awesome cruise with my husband and kid (more on that in another post) and visiting family in Florida, staying at Robin and Christians place for a week while Neil traveled (taking care of a sick 2 1/2 year old and a dog is NOT fun alone) and then back to Rita and Tim's for a few days.... we moved into our new place and I LOVE IT.
I think Neil agrees with me on that one. Its perfect. Well if it had a dishwasher it would be perfect but its pretty damn close. We are settled in now that we have been there for 6 weeks and it feels like we have been there always.
I do miss things about the old place. I miss being so close to Rita and Tim and Gabi and Sandor. And I miss our huge window room with the amazing view. However the upside to the new house (town home) is we have a yard and a basement and garage and SO MUCH ROOM. So much storage. So much everything. Ryan loves it too. As a bonus the stairs keep me a little more active too.
I know in the spring and summer its going to be amazing but even in the late fall I love it. Winter will rock because of the fireplace. A FIREPLACE. Love.

Ryan is so grown up so much. He remembers stuff we told him weeks ago.
He moved over at school to the preschool class. I knew it was a matter of time since he was about to be 2 1/2. We don't like it as much. The girls are very nice but we both felt for the money we were spending he should be learning more. So we signed him up for Montessori school. The switch over will happen after new years.
That being said we started the party training for real. No half assing. Last Saturday, after soccer, I put him in underwear. He wet himself almost right away. We talked about it and put new underwear on. The true test was taking him to Ikea and picking up our buddy on the way. Ryan pee'd in the toilet at Ikea (there is where sanitizing wipes are super handy!!!)
I wiped down the potty and had him hop on. Another thing I wish I would have known, SKIP THE POTTY SEAT. Kids can hold themselves up. He did so great. Trick is put them on the potty nonstop every 30-60 minutes. Now we don't really use a potty seat at home anymore. He always says he wants to hold himself up. Another tip is even if your kids is still in diapers if you see underwear on sale BUY IT. In Canada underwear is super expensive. Like $12 for 3 pairs. Just beyond silly. I found a deal at Costco for 6 pairs for $8 of Calvin Klein so right now Ryan is wearing nicer underwear then me. hahaha

OH also Ryan got his flu shot on a Thursday and by the end of the day he was in pain with his arm. Some tylonal fixed that but the next day his arm was red, hot, swollen and in pain. I didnt know but that can be a side effect. He was not himself for Friday and Saturday. By Monday it was back to normal but it was a little scary.

I need to right a post about Halloween and the cruise. Maybe I will do that tonight if I have the energy (still sick)

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