Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We sold our condo and we have to be out when?!?

So whats new?

Ryan talks in full sentences. "mommy I am so hungry can we have eggs and toast and eggs and melon and eggs?"
He loves cars still and trackers.
He thinks he is batman all the time which is so damn cute. He  has bee hugging on me a lot lately. We are spending a lot of time together. This past weekend Neil had to work a photo event so it was just Ryan and I. He always get a little more attached to me when that happens. Not worried about it,  just trying to enjoy the hugs love and "mommy come here and play with me" while I have it.
Trying too get him to use the potty more. He is a little better at school. He regressed a little and was not going at all for almost a month. I think because of the move… keep reading.

We sold our condo, not for what we were hoping (which was high) but for what we needed and we got a townhouse. I am so excited about moving in. Downside is we have to be out  of the condo nu August 30th and our move in date is Sept 28th (we get the keys on the 27th).
What does that mean? Well it means a trip to Florida from Sept 1st to the 5th. Mini cruise out of Port Canaveral on the 5th-9th then we fly home on the 9th in the evening. I get to see my folks and my sister and a few friends which is awesome AND I get to go away with my boys on a cruise. Ryan hasn't been on one yet so I am very excited to see how he reacts to a huge boat, I think he is going to love it. They have a kids club which he can spend some time in so Neil and I can just have a few hours alone or take a nap on the deck. Or just eat a lunch without cutting up food for Ryan. Most of our time will be spent with him, that is the point of taking him with us but it will be so nice to just go for a walk around the boat just Neil and I. 
I plan on one night just a dinner with no Ryan as well. We got a balcony so in the night time when Ryan is sleeping Neil and I can chill out there and enjoy the night and sounds of water while we relax.

Then when we get back we will be stay with Rita and Tim (aunt and uncle) which is super awesome of them to let us crash there for 3 weeks with Ryan. All our stuff is going in pretty much a POD. They drop the container off, we fill it up, they take it away to be stored for month and then on the 28th they bring it to our new place for us to unpack. THEN my mom is visiting us in early Oct for Canada thanksgiving.

We have a LOT planned.
Fall is looking to be very exciting because Summer was a little unloved due to trying to sell our condo. We missed out on a lot.
We are trying to make up for it. Zoo visit with the Doiron's, picking berries with the Doiron's and Parks was a lot of fun. Trip to St Jacobs market for Gabi's birthday with Christina, Robin and Ellie. Swimming at Lily and Hugh to celebrate Rita's birthday, Ryan went to a Jays game for the first time this summer thanks to free tickets from Mike (awesome seats) tons of BBQ's at the Doiron's new place. Their daughter Sloane and Ryan as super tight. And we started this summer with a trip to Canada's Wonderland with the kids which was an awesome way to kick it off.
Wow after reading this I guess we did do a lot this summer. 
Neil and I just ended the summer with a trip to the EX last Friday which was awesome. First year we didn't take Ryan with us. I feel like he missed out a little but it was good to have some time with just Chris and Tara… no kids.

So that is what is new with us. I am going to try my best to update more. Right now I am doing a photo everyday for a year on my Facebook. I think next year I will do it on here.

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