Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sickness strikes again

Last night Ryan woke up at 1am crying. Neil went in to check on him and I hear Neil go "Oh my god" and he brings Ryan into our room.
I find out Ryan is burning hot and shaking. We take off his clothing, check his fever (awesome almost 104), give him Tylenol, and then I take him into a warm shower with me.
We brought it down to about 102 and had him in bed with us. He wakes up A LOT complaining of pain in his legs, his tummy hurts and coughing. Poor guy didn't get much sleep.
This morning at 6am we wake up to him crying again because the fever came back (104) so back into the shower with mom, Advil this time and now he is down to 102 (about) and playing with his pirate ship.

I knew changing schools would bring the sickness back (pink eye last week). But I feel bad we have both missed so much work. I guess I have to work extra extra hard when I am at work so co-workers don't get pissed. Thankfully my manager has a kid so she knows how it goes, also I have so much vacation time and sick leave its okay.

Fingers crossed its just an infection. We are doing the wait and see. He doesn't want to eat anything but it's still early. He did drink a lot of water so that's good. Poor guy. He is at least playing and happy. Just gets really pissed if you offer him food or anything to drink. I am doing the "just let him be" part of the sickness. Laster today I am going to do the "please eat some of the soup grandma made this weekend or have a drink." pushy part. Maybe I can entice him with a movie. :)

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