Monday, 8 April 2013

Teething... again?!

I hate teething, makes my awesome  kid into an evil one.
Though last night was different. The final four teeth are coming out and its taking a while so we will have a few rough days/nights and then back to awesome kid.
Last night was rough. Two servings of Tylenol  numbing gel when it was bad and ended up at 1am putting the spare futon mattress in Ryans room for Neil to sleep on.

What makes this better you may ask? Well when Ryan was crying Neil asked is his teeth hurt and he said yes. Neil asked if he wants the numb goo and Ryan said YES! When it was on he curled up on Neil for a little bit and when Neil asked "Do you want to go back to bed." he said yes.

Not just screaming and screaming and screaming. He communicated with us.

This kid is growing big time.

He knows all his colours. Even White, Pink and Purple. We are working on Black, Brown and Silver now.
He loves to say "Ryan did it" or "mom did it."
He gives me nice kisses on the lips if I ask and if he is feeling goofy he will give a sloppy wet kiss which has become a game if I am holding him and he knows I can not get away.
He asks for people he hasn't seen for a while, like Tim or Aunt Nina (Christina) and even Baby Ellie.
He will try new food if he is in the mood but is not afraid to make a face and let it fall out of his mouth while saying "ew gross."
He sings A LOT (which is awesome)
He reads a lot with us on the sofa. In fact he rather sit down with one of us and read a book then watch TV which makes us (neil and I) very happy. Though he is starting to understand our computers and will grab Neils iPad and ask for Cars (a game or video). He plays a spelling game sometimes but we limit it because he gets mad when you take it away.

Just a quick update before work.
Happy Monday!

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