Friday, 23 May 2014

Conversations with Ryan

The other night, in the shower with Ryan (he likes showers now, not baths), I was pointing at my belly stretch marks telling him be used to live in my belly. When he was a very small baby he was in my belly and I took care of him. I told him "I used to hug you so tight and tell you how much I loved you and its nice I can hug you and tell you now, but before I even meet you I loved you and I loved feeling you moving in my belly."
Ryan says "oh mommy thats nice, when I was a baby in you I was hugging you too"

*CRIES* So that is why you moved around so much.
Little dude, do not grow up!

Tonight at bedtime he was telling me about his day. I was kissing his hands.
He says "do not eat me up mommy."
I said "I am not eating you up I am kissing you, sometimes I do want to eat you up though cause you are so delicious!"
He laughs and says "no mommy I am NOT licious, I am gross and sweaty!!"

This kid.
He is so damn funny.

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