Saturday, 5 April 2014

Back into it working out that is

I f'ed it up people. I f'ed it up good. Last year at this point I was 15lbs lighter then I am now.
And that was just with diet. I started my tracking 20 days ago with MyFitnessPal I highly recommend this app. Its awesome. I have friends on there and we cheer each other on. It helps knowing I have people seeing I worked out and I was under my calorie goal.
Last year was better cause Neil was doing it with me. We both tracked and seeing him workout motivated me to work out. Now its all on me. I have no partner but like Neil says I can not get fit for HIM I have to do it for me. And he is right. I felt so good last year. Last summer was amazing cause I was not as hot, I wasn't sweating as much, I could wear shorter shorts and not feel my thighs rubbing together. (they still touched but not down near my knees).

Right now what is keeping me honest and on track is that we are going on a cruise in 29 days and my summer stuff from last year needs to fit. Can not afford to get new clothing and I threw away all my 'fat' summer stuff.
I also know I will not track on my vacation. I will eat what I want and enjoy my food, not go super bad (fries with every meal) cause losing it SO HARD but I will have beer, ice cream, butter and wonderful french toast with syrup. Not to mention the cold fruit soups. OMG
I will have a fun time, I will be active.

I will be comfortable in my own skin this summer. I have to work for it but guess what, I should not have had cookies at every meal for the month of December. And if I do this year I HAVE TO WORKOUT.

My life will be a balance of healthy foods (with being 'bad' now and then) and working out everyday. Just is the way it has to be. I also find out when I work out I am a LOT less angry. I keep my cool much better.

Lets be this again... (last year in the summer when I was fit and my wedding dress was WAY to big)
<---- woowoo!

What I was when I was engaged and very heavy. (not what I am right now but sometimes I feel it)

<----- yucky!

And to be honest I am in the obese range right now (via myfitnesspal) I am okay with being 'slightly overweight' but obese is so bad for my long term health.

So guess what Mary. WORK OUT THAT ASS and work it off. Get fit, no stroke in my future damn it. I want a less sweaty summer this year again.

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