Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Apples Apples we all fall down

I was a little pressed for time today since I spent it making a sudo soup for Ryan and not lunch for me... so I had an apple for lunch today.
And wouldn't you know it, Ryan wanted some of my apple.

I made him such a nice 'soup' with carrots, sweet potato, green peppers, green beans, celery, onion, little olive oil and chicken (cut up). Oh and some pasta. Its super easy. You throw in all in a pot and make the baby pasta on its own. Once the pot mix is cooked enough (chicken is cooked) you blend it up and then mix in the pasta. He loves it and it gets all his veggies in him.

Once again I am forgetting the point I am trying to make.
Ryan is teething, he is getting a top tooth. Big news in the Bank house. So I thought he might like to chew on a nice cold apple slice. They are a little sour but I was right, he loved it!

So happy. He even got to hold it on his own like a big boy.
*side note* It was a thick cut slice so he would not chew through it, and I never took my eye off him while he had it. Yes I took the CPR class but I don't want to ever have to use that information!
Look Ma! I'm a big boy!

I was bored and feeling a little mean so I took the apple away from him. Holy crap. It was WW3 in our house and Ryan screaming was the Biological Weapon. He went full blown postal on me. It was hilarious. 
I gave it back to him for a while. I flipped it around and let him chew on it for about 20 min. I figure he had enough and was time to brush his teeth and get ready for Grandma to come over.

I was wrong. He cried big ol tears. It was really cute. I am such a mean mom.

Once I took him out of the chair he forgot why he was so upset.

I think we shall have an apple again for lunch tomorrow.

Also last night he woke up around 10pm. Neil got him and brought him to the living room (futon) with us. We were watching Top Gear until Ryan noticed I was eat a yogurt and then he kamanzaked me to get it. Neil and I also enjoyed some cheese and crackers so Ryan got to eat some cheese too. Lucky kid had an awesome night. I think this kid will eat us out of house and home when he is older. Maybe we should start a savings account for that.

One more... around 6am Roag came into the bed looking for some love. I gave him some and then pushed him away trying to get more sleep. I watched Roag go over to Neil for love and Neil rolled away from him. Ryan was in bed with us (I dont even remember how he got in there) and I watched Roag go over to Ryan... he was rubbing and licking Ryan's head. Ryan pushed him away.

Poor Roag. No one wanted to give him love. I curled up with him for a bit, poor kitty.

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