Sunday, 8 January 2012

Enigma my little kitty girl...

We lost you today. I knew it was a matter of time and I didn't want to face it.

Enigma I love you.
She fell into my life after we lost Andrew and I didn't even really want her. I just took her as a favor to Jenn. She were such a brat. She bite and screamed and hated Neil, Ogar and me. Then she started to like my petting, my love and my cuddles. She would fight Ogar for my time and warmth.

Enigma and Ogar curled up in bed.

After we lost Ogar her and I became even closer. She got depressed so we got her a new brother. But still Enigma stuck by my side. Even if Roag made it hard on her sometimes.

Enigma loved to curl up with me and we kept each other warm.
 Roag wanted to see what it was about so he sat on us both.

Little lap girl.

When we were going through everything (testing) with Abbey Enigma would spend all her time with me. Curl up on the futon, floor, bed... anywhere. She just wouldn't let me be alone and it was what I needed. Something I could pet, hold and cuddle. After we lost Abbey I really got attached to Engima and I would hold her even more. She let me. It was like she knew I needed something to give my love to and she was there for me.

Mmmmmm sun

She has been a little sick for a while. But she was still eating like crazy, drinking water, playing, complaining, going potty and just being herself. She would just get sick sometimes. The past few months its been more and more. 
Kitty girl sleeps on dad too!

Last night Enigma got so sick (so much vomit). We found it about 430am. We found her and she was very still. I put her on the futon and we cleaned up the mess. Around 630 we tried to get her to eat a cookie (treat) and some water. She wanted nothing. She started to digress. We got to the vet today at 1 and found out she had a blockage (he thinks it was poo but couldn't be sure without some tests.) She also had a fever and a heart murmur. After weighing out options and talking with the vet about tests, treatments and her age and history we made the call.

We said good bye to our little pointed butt, lemon face, pain in the butt kitty girl around 2pm. She looked at me as she slipped into her final sleep. I take comfort in knowing she heard Neil and I telling her we loved her and saw my face knowing she would be okay. No pain.
Playing with ropes is fun!

I miss her already. I will miss her eating flour and getting into everything. I will miss her crying at me first thing in the morning until I give her food. I will miss her almost dancing with excitement when I get wet food ready for her. I will miss her biting my feet at night when I move in the bed or her bitchy 'meow' when I dare to move at all while she is sleeping on/near me.

She was a brat and a princess and I loved her a hell of a lot.

My video game companion.

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