Friday, 13 January 2012

Snow walk

Ryan and I enjoyed our first snow walk today. I waited till the snow stopped and the side walk plow came out but holy cats it was cold! He loved it.

Walk was about 15 min. We didn't go any farther cause the side walk snow plow was stuck so...

We turned around and Ryan watched while I shovelled the drive way.

I am shocked my little dude is almost 9 months old. He has had a rough night last night poor kid. Farting ever few minutes. He is just eating SO MUCH.
More food please.

 Non-stop eating and he wants to eat everything we are eating which is cute. I hope he stays this way but I love that he eats anything. Though those kiwi I had were a little too sour for him. haha
This is more for me for in the future and I am re-reading these posts:
He eats about four ice cubes of homemade food (chicken soup or broccoli chicken mix) and then will have two ice cubes of fruit mixed with yogurt. And then some bread or cheese for him to feed himself. Then he will try to eat mine or Neils dinner! Little bottomless pit.
Breakfast is four/five scoops of oat cereal, five scoops of prunes and two big spoons of plain yogurt. I have also been giving him tea. Chamomile or Fennel. The fennel tea is awesome for helping with the gas pains. Thank you Gabi for that tip!

Anyway on to cute stuff. He is chewing the crap out of everything right now. And if nothing is around for him to chew he will chew his own hand!

Ryan also has a fun time shopping with Neil and I. 
Neil kept putting his hat on Ryan, it was super cute. 
He also is talking a lot right now. Started a few days ago. More then just babbles. Neil was sort of shocked by it. He has been working late the past few nights and not really had much time around Ryan. Well with the exception of last night since he was the one that was trying to get him to sleep. With the inflections of his voice is really sounds like he is trying to talk. He also likes to sing along with you when you sing or hum songs. Today we were all in our bed and I was rubbing Neil leg and he was going "mmmm" and Ryan would go "mmmm" right back at him. They kept going back and forth. He loves to mimic. LOVES IT. He will also dance to music.

Oh poor kid fell down so bad this morning right on a toy. He screamed so loud even after I picked him up. I walked him around and hugged him and told him it sucks when we fall but its important to always get back up. He took that to heart and started to walk around again (holding on to stuff). 
Made me sad though tonight changing his diaper I saw the bruise from the fall this morning. Poor kid.
This afternoon he fell and hit his head on the wood floor. Sucks but I am happy it wasn't on the tile. The small 4" of tile we don't have covered in foam flooring. I am fixing that Saturday. More foam flooring because all Ryan does besides play (and eat everything) is try to walk. He will use anything he can to get up and then forgets he has to hold on still and falls. Something tells me we have many falls and bruises ahead in our future.

He has places to be people.

Places to BE.

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